It is update time again! Today we released 3 major updates for all of our assets, and we will go over each of them here and now!

EpicTranslate 2.0

With the release of EpicTranslate 2.0 we introduce support for Unity's build in TextMesh, as well as the very popular third party asset TextMeshPro, which is even free now and will be integrated directly into Unity later on. These new additions greatly increase the field of use of EpicTranslate and there is really no reason not to translate your games anymore! Get started now by getting EpicTranslate : EpicTranslate on the AssetStore

EpicPrefs 3.5 Version 3.5 fixed a bug that caused the Settings not to be exported upon Upgrading the Prefs as well as EpicPrefs not being available in the Build on a new device. Also fixed an error upon building ( Related to "Initialize on Load"...). The new version also added the ability to re-encrypt the Prefs upon changing the Encryption Keys. In addition a bug was fixed that appeared when deleting stored dictionaries or lists. Start saving time and lists, dictionaries, bools and much more now : EpicPrefs on the AssetStore

GhostToolPro 4.0 Upon a request by a very friendly customer, we added support for Blend Shapes! Now when you have objects that are deformed via blendshapes, you have it all at your hand to record or not to record those deformations too! Bring your racing game to the next level and challenge your players with their own ghosts : GhostToolPro on the AssetStore

Posted in Assets, Development, Unity3D on Sep 29, 2017