GhostToolPro is the one and only ghosting solution on the Asset Store!

Ever played a racing game and fancied those ghosts that showed your previous lap ? Now you can add this to your own game with GhostToolPro! Drag and drop, with very little coding required, this asset gives you the opportunity to take your game to another level. With extremely detailed documented code, and step by step tutorials, this tool is for everyone from beginner to pro!


  • Record and replay ANY GameObjects movements
  • Unlimited length and gameobject number
  • Multiple Ghosts at the same time
  • Multiple tracking
  • Save and load Ghosts
  • Near to 0 performance drop
  • Supports all platforms
  • First class support

Curious ? Then why not trying it out ?! :

Anything else ? Probably, this tool's only limitation is your creativity.

Created a great game with GhostToolPro? We'd be glad to see!

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ATTENTION: Due to a limitation of the Unity Webplayer, saving ghosts is NOT supported on this platform!