PlayerPrefs on Steroids

EpicPrefs is the next gen PlayerPrefs. It supports tons of types, has a visual editor, and full encryption.

With EpicPrefs, you can simply save any of the following types with one line of code :

  • Integer
  • Float
  • String
  • Bool
  • Double
  • Long
  • Lists of all the above
  • Dictionaries of all the above with strings as keys
  • Quaternions
  • Vector2
  • Vector3
  • Vector4
  • Color

We streamlined our access methods with the original PlayerPrefs, but without bloating your registry! EpicPrefs is NOT using PlayerPrefs and is NOT storing its prefs in the registry like Unity does.
BUT we tried to make the switch for you as simple as possible, e.g. setting a string works like so : EpicPrefs.SetString("Name","Value",true); See that third parameter ? This is an optional bool to encrypt your EpicPrefs with full AES Encryption.

First off, an on-Device encryption is never 100% safe. No matter what the other assets say, they are not fully secure without relying on a server-side encryption. With that clear, we did our very very best to make a decryption as hard as possible. We made sure that people at least have to put serious effort into it if they want to modify your Prefs!

As mentioned before, this package also includes a fully functional editor GUI to add,save,remove or modify EpicPrefs of any of the supported types. Plus, you can export these right into your game! Yes, you read right, you can set EpicPrefs in the Editor, and by the hit of a single button all your EpicPrefs will be exported to your built and be ready for your game to call them !

EpicPrefs is compatible and tested on Unity 4.3 upwards and on every Unity-supported platform!

We would of course like to extend our already long list of supported types, so if you have anything in mind, just drop us a note at or on Twitter : @hottotem