With 2Pucks, we at Hot Totem Games add a new dimension to dexterity based mobile gaming.

Tired of button mashing, tired of the same old controls, tired of all the copy-cat games? Then look no further, because 2Pucks offers the unique gameplay you have been looking for!

Manoeuvre your ‘two pucks’ through an endless variety of obstacles, break through the coloured gates, gather bonus points and try to break those high scores! Offering intuitive dual-touch controls, a crisp and clean design and an upbeat soundtrack, this game really sets itself apart from all the others that have gone before it. Oh and did we mention the Online Leaderboards? Compete against your friends, break the World Record, or just try to improve your skills on your own!

Try it for yourself, but be warned: before you know it, you’ll lose track of time playing this addictive endless scroller!

• Powered by Unity • Unique dual-touch controls • Endless dynamically created obstacles • Great tutorial to get you started • Online Leaderboards • Easy to play, difficult to Master!