Lately I accidentally resetted my Developer options on my BlackBerry KeyOne. So after trying to get them back to where they were, I was stuck with a problem :

Everytime I tried to setup wireless debugging ( Like explained here : How to enable wireless debugging ) the device was being disconnected upon unplugging the usb, which of course defeats the purpose of wireless debugging!

So finally, I found the issue :

The BlackBerry KeyOne ( and some other android devices ) support a so called "Charging Only"-Mode, and a Data-Transfer mode. In the developer options, one can enable USB Debugging either only if in Data-Mode, or also if in Charging mode..

Now, don't ask me why, but if you have charging-mode debugging disabled, well the wifi debugging doesn't work! So to get back to wifi debugging, simply allow debugging in Charging mode and you are back on track again!

Posted in Development on Feb 21, 2018