EpicPrefs with the Visual Editor

EpicPrefs can either be set by code or with the Editor inside Unity3D. Here we will take a look at the editor and it's functionality.

The EpicPrefs Editor can be found under Window-->HotTotemAssets-->EpicPrefs-->Editor and looks as follows:

It lists all your stored Prefs ( either created by code when it is executed, or directly in the editor ), grouped by encryption state and Type. The editor does not allow to edit every supported type, instead only the most common ones can be viewed and edited inside the Editor (primitives, list, dictionaries and arrays of primitives). All other prefs will nonetheless show up but cannot be edited.

Adding a new Pref can be done by clicking the Add new EpicPref... button. The following dialog will pop up:

You can chose the type of pref to add by clicking the dropdown menus, and then start adding them. You can also chose to encrpyt them or not.

After adding your prefs you can collapse and expand them seperately, and the editor gives you options to Edit, De/Encrypt or Delete your Prefs.

The search bar also allows you to search for a specific Pref or Value. If a Pref is set by code you can see it being updated in the Editor and this gives you the chance to monitor your game's prefs while testing it.

Feel free to play around with the Editor, add some Prefs, Encrypt them or delete them.

Last but not least let's take a look at how to export your Prefs into the builds.